Adaptable Manual Handling Solutions take the strain for your operators!.

As a business owner or manager, dealing with Health and Safety regulations around manual handling Solutions, and the injuries our staff can suffer, is a minefield isn’t it!
Often, we need operators to lift loads that weigh more than the manual handling guidelines allow. As employers, we must comply with the law in this area – the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992.

We see operators, who have jobs that involve manual handling, suffering from repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). We, of course, need to take care of those staff ethically and fulfill our responsibilities as an employer.

Using more than one person to help lift loads just isn’t cost-effective in the long run and can still lead to health issues. So what is the solution?

Manual Handling Solutions – Equipment Choices

Yaplex Lifting Equipment

Here at Yaplex we offer a range of manual handling solutions to solve your handling challenges – and we know there is no “one size fits all”. Our range includes:

Zero Gravity Electric Balancers



Balance Arm – Pneumatic Manipulators



Vertical Balancers – Industrial Manipulators

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Vacuum Tube Lifters



Need Manual Handling Solutions? Discuss your requirements with our expert team!

Electronic/Pneumatic Lift Assists



Ergonomic Lifting Trollies



Conveying Powered & Gravity Roller Conveyors



Scissor Lift Tables



Pick & Place Automated Handling Systems



All our manual handling solutions reduce the risk of injuries in the workplace.

Whatever your business handles, we can find the solution to automate it and take the risks away from your operators. With reduced injury and manpower requirements, our systems will not only speed up your processes, but also reduce your costs and overheads.


Need Manual Handling Solutions? Discuss your requirements with our expert team!

Answers to the three questions we’re asked most often about our products

What happens if the air / power fails?

All Yaplex manual handling solutions are fail-safe and will not release the load in mid-air. All systems feature safety systems such as air blocking vales, irreversible gearboxes or mechanical brakes. Most systems also include product detection sensors, grip OK sensors, and visual indicators for air pressure.

How much does a bespoke dedicated handling system cost?

It greatly depends on the application and the needs of the operator. Basic jib crane systems start around £2k and basic manipulators start from £5k. Intelligent high speed electric and pneumatic manipulators solutions can cost anywhere between £8k – £30k+ depending on specification. Our advice here would be to talk to us so we can give you an estimate for your specific requirements.

Where are your products manufactured?

All systems are designed in-house by highly skilled engineers. Our manufacturing facility is in Clay Cross, Chesterfield. We have a state of the art facility including a machine shop, multiple welding bays, and a large assembly shop with dedicated test area. We are also UK agents for the SAPELEM electric balancer – all bespoke grippers / tooling is designed and manufactured in the UK.


A little more about Yaplex Manual Handling Solutions

Our hand-picked team are highly skilled, qualified and experienced engineers within the industry.

We are located centrally in the UK. This makes buy-offs and project meetings cost effective, plus we don’t have expensive shipping costs when sending out sample components, unlike our European competitors. This makes us, more often than not, the most cost effective solution.

We have all the accreditations and insurances you would expect with a company in our industry and take our customer’s experience extremely seriously. We are often asked to sign NDA’s (non-disclosure agreements) and are happy to do so.

Why not head over to our YouTube Channel and see our manual handling solutions in operation!

And you have any questions we’ve not answered in this blog, please have a look around our website or get in touch directly.

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