Don’t Cry Over Spilt Beer – Let our Technology Take the Strain.

Manual Handling Equipment

Years ago, operators would think nothing of manually lifting the kegs and barrels off the filling line onto his shoulder and stacking them up for storage.

With so much more awareness around Health & Safety in the workplace and time restrictions on every job, this way of working is no longer a viable solution. Moving on through more practical manual handling solutions over the last few years, we are now being asked to design manual handling equipment and industrial lifting equipment to cater to many individual industry needs.


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Benefits to Your Employees

Using breweries and beer distributors as an example, they are facing the challenge of increasing reports of more frequent injuries, accidents and staff ‘down-time’ from the repetitive manual handling of hefty and awkward shaped kegs. They have time challenges for deliveries and collections, resulting in the risk of lack of concentration in the basic lifting and shifting of the materials, excess damage of units being moved, and Manual Handling Operations Regulations (1992) to adhere to.

HSE guidance recommends more than one person lifting and moving units, less repetitive manual handling, reduced carrying distances, avoiding twisting and stooping, and considering moving from manual handling equipment to more automated and industrial lifting equipment solutions – this is all where Yaplex can help!

Here at Yaplex, as we know there is no standard solution for every industry, we can design and manufacture handling equipment to suit your exact requirements. We know that the type and amount of equipment will depend on the job at hand, but even with beer barrels being awkward in shape to move, heavy, and often stored in areas which are difficult to access, we have the technology to meet your needs.


Vertical Balancer – Industrial Manipulator

Our Vertical Balancer will provide you with:

• Greater efficiencies – heavier weights can be lifted and moved than the maximum recommended for one or even two employees (maximum recommended weight for a male employee to lift repetitively is 20kg – a full beer barrel can be substantially more than this)
• Reduced risk of personal accidents, injury to neck/shoulder/back and Repetitive Strain Injury
• Increase in productivity and staff engagement/morale
• Safer work environment with equipment being set to your exact standards and requirements


Need Handling Equipment? Discuss your requirements with our expert team!

Electronic Manipulator – ‘The Solution’

‘The Solution’ is the fastest piece of industrial lifting equipment on the market, thus increasing efficiencies in a safe tested productivity cycle (can offer speeds up to 2 metres per second)

• Total precision in the movement when placing loads down means less damage to the units and less time wasted in correctional movements
• An electric balancer eliminates the need to alter the settings when lifting different weights


Ergonomic Lifting Trolley – MOBI

Lifting trolleys are often used in environments where safety is a key driver. Bespoke manual handling equipment can always be designed and manufactured where a standard solution doesn’t meet your needs:

• Differing lift heights, mast dimensions and multiple weight capacities
• Custom-designed attachments for drum handling equipment, box lifting and reels
• Operator safety is ensured by top and bottom limit switches and overload protection
• Allows a single operator to lift loads over 25kg safely and ergonomically
• Reduces potential operator injury and strain otherwise experienced in lifting, moving and stooping


Electronic or Pneumatic Lift Assists

• Bespoke manual handling equipment can be designed for your specific needs
• Pneumatic model can be ATEX rated and certified, allowing use in explosive atmospheres
• Fixed arm or counterbalance options available
• Reduce the risk of injury from lifting, reaching and stooping in difficult access areas


Need Handling Equipment? Discuss your requirements with our expert team!

Return on Investment from Manual Handling Equipment

With your employee safety and business efficiencies being of the highest importance to us, Yaplex will ensure your exact requirements are considered and the best solution is found.

Initial production and installation costs will be far outweighed by increased productivity, boosted staff morale and reduced ‘downtime through sick days, injury and accidents. Our machines are thoroughly inspected and tested in the working environment, and our highly skilled engineers are experts in the health and safety requirements for all handling equipment, training and repairs.

But, if you are still unsure about your business needs and want to know more about how the equipment is designed and built in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility here in the UK, why not go to our YouTube channel to see our manual handling equipment in action? Or, contact us on 01246 860114 for initial discussions.

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