Lifting and shifting, moving or storing? Our material handling equipment will solve your problem!.

What is material handling equipment?

‘material handling equipment’ is a phrase used frequently in production, distribution, and disposal, yet not everyone knows what it means, and it’s certainly not easy to understand what equipment should be used for which job.

It involves the safe moving and storing of materials or products within the manufacturing and distribution cycle. Although it can be manual, semi-automated, or fully automated, no matter what size or type of item is required to be moved, technology is now enabling us to provide material handling equipment to meet the ever-changing demand.


Need Material Handling Equipment? Discuss your requirements with our expert team!

What fits where?

The first challenge is finding the right type of equipment to suit your needs. With so many systems and different working environments, it can become a bit confusing if you don’t fully understand the jargon.

At Yaplex, we are a leading material handling equipment supplier who will take the time to get to know you and your business and can, therefore, recommend which product best fits the job.
From cranes and manipulators to trolleys and conveyors, our main concern is is keeping your business moving safely and efficiently.


What are the different types of material handling systems?

Positioning – Electronic and Powered Systems

Our ‘MOBI’ is a powered mobile lifting trolley, which can be customised to suit your needs, enabling one operator to move loads over 25kg throughout the production process without causing injury and fatigue.

Other such systems are conveyors, which are particularly useful when working through a production line, and they reduce the need for any manual intervention.

Yaplex provides cost-efficient powered and gravity roller conveyors to take the strain and remove the risk of injury when moving heavy, bulky loads.


Transport – Trolleys and Trucks

Once produced or supplied, an efficient transport method is needed to move items from one area to another within the warehouse or storage area, or from within the storage area to an external area.

Partially automated or fully powered

Depending on your environment and the job needing to be completed, trolleys and trucks will be either pushed or pulled and now tend to be partially automated or fully powered. Again, there are many different types to suit all needs.

From the traditional sack trolleys, used for moving boxed items and one-handled flatbed or platform trolleys, to A-Frame trolleys used to move sheets of delicate or fragile material such as wood or glass, Dolly trolleys and flat skates perfect for use in smaller workshops or shop floors; through to our larger bespoke powered scissor lift tables which can be built on rollers and used to access, offload and then transport bulky materials.


Need Material Handling Equipment? Discuss your requirements with our expert team!

Storage Equipment

At some stage, almost everything we buy will have been handled by a pallet truck or stored on pallet racking. It is crucial to get the right storage in place to prevent damage to any of the materials or items being stored and retain efficiency in storing and retrieving them.

Flat or multi-tier stacking designs can be used to make the most of the height in your working and storage areas.

Framework and shelving can either be a fixed or a mobile structure and must all conform to health and safety standards.

One of our specialist areas is the design and installation of work platforms and mezzanine flooring – from small elevated platforms to large bespoke mezzanines; our expert engineers will work with you on the design and build to ensure the safest and most efficient use of space in any working environment.


Bulk Material Handling Equipment

Various items fit in this category but are generally automated, as they are used to move large items – examples of industries using bulk material handling equipment are electronics, metals, chemicals, agriculture, food & beverage and paints.

Our ‘pick and place’ automated handling system is high-speed, accurate and can be designed to meet your exact requirements – with space, application and integration into your other machinery all considered within the design.

Our powered and gravity roller conveyors and Flexi range of lift assists are also included within the bulk material handling systems category – all of which can be used within a whole host of manufacturing and distribution environments.


The sky is your limit.

As you can see, it is certainly not a case of one size fits all!

However, Yaplex specialises in designing and manufacturing bespoke material handling equipment.

Whether you need static single-level or mobile and flexible systems, assistance in sourcing material handling equipment or simply a solution to the most efficient and effective use of your current space, we can work with you to find your solution!

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