Lifting and Conveyor Systems for the Automotive Industry.

Robotic lifting and conveyor systems have been used within the automotive industry now since the early 1900’s. Whether it was Henry Ford himself who first introduced the moving assembly line to vehicle manufacturing (in his ‘Model T’ factory) or not, the fact is that it was he who managed to develop earlier inventions and improve accuracy, efficiency, and productivity within the motor industry.

With annual turnover in the automotive industry now at over £50b, and new vehicle registrations in 2019 around 2.3m, it makes sense then that industrial robots and conveyor systems are now a permanent fixture on the car production line. Demand has escalated and whether purchasing luxury or lower value vehicle, every customer has high expectations. So, manufacturers have to look for ways to operate with speed and efficiency to deliver quality, whilst ensuring safety for their employees.

Machines can be utilised within car assembly lines at every stage, with either human operatives or being fully automated. A combination of the two though will ensure greater levels of productivity, consistency, and accuracy than a manual workforce alone could ever achieve. In addition to cutting down on waste through damaged goods and reduce health and safety risks.

The benefits of Yaplex Lifting and Conveyor Systems

‘Pick and place’ handling systems are an ideal lifting system solution for complex assembly and placement of parts.

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Specific lifting systems are designed to automatically sense the load weight. They automatically adjust the balance, allowing operators to ‘float’ items in a zero-gravity condition. Therefore, reducing the risk of RSI and MSD in the workplace.

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These systems are amongst the most vital equipment within any production line.


With the right lifting and conveyor systems in place within the production line
Automotive industry Conveyor Systems benefits:


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