Jib Cranes

What Are They?

The term ‘JIB Crane’ refers to cranes which feature a rotating arm with a lifting device supported from it.
JIB Cranes, otherwise known as swing cranes or a Swing JIB, are one of the most simple and common types of crane used. They are widely used amongst industrial premises and are a very important piece of equipment due to their versatility and cost effectiveness, as well as the fact that they increase safety in workplaces and reduce the risk of injury.

How Do They Operate?

The simple structure of a swing JIB has three main components: arm / boom / jib, trolleys and the lifting device. Floor mounted jib cranes also feature a vertical column to support the arm. Typical lifting devices include electric chain hoists, pneumatic chain hoists, manual chain hoists or bespoke lifting systems.
The arm, boom (or JIB as it is sometimes called) provides horizontal movement of the trolley, which supports the lifting device and the weight which is being lifted. The jib arm rotates to about an axis to give radial movement. This rotation can be limited using adjustable stops, but the standard slew angle is 270 – 300 degrees. The arms can be manufactured using standard H beam section or profile tracking depending on the customer requirements. Lightweight aluminium jib cranes are also available for light duty applications such as assembly processes.
The trolley slides horizontally across the boom and is connected to the lifting device, usually an electric chain hoist. This enables you to easily move the lifting device along the beam to complete the lifting operation.

Depending on the application and the customer requirement, there are many different types of jib crane available:
– Floor Mounted Swing Jib
– Free Standing Jib Arm
– Wall Mounted Swing Jib
– Overhead / ceiling Mounted Jib Crane

All of the above swing jibs are available in several configurations to suit the customer application and area layout. Styles of Jib Crane:
– Over-Braced Jib Crane
– Under-Braced Jib Crane
– Articulated Jib Crane
– Lightweight Profile Jib Crane
– Aluminium Jib Crane
– Continuous 360 Degree Rotate Jib Crane
– All configurations of jib crane are available with manual or powered slew

Benefits of Using a JIB Crane

There are many advantages to opting for a Swing JIB, including:
• They make lifting loads easier. Jib cranes are extremely versatile, functional and easy to operate.
• They are inexpensive to buy and maintain. Jib cranes are extremely reliable meaning there is a reduced chance of problems occurring and they will stay effective, efficient and safe for many years after purchasing. This means that purchasing a jib crane provides you with good value for money as a long-term investment.
• They are easy to install. Our highly trained Commissioning Engineers will ensure your jib crane is installed to exacting standards and complete all load tests and LOLER examinations before first use.

Want to Find Out More?

If you think a JIB crane could benefit your business, speak to one of our friendly team on 01246 860114 for more information on our cranes and how they could benefit you.

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