Jib Cranes

What are they?

The term ‘JIB Crane’ refers to cranes which feature a rotating arm with a lifting device supported from it.
JIB Cranes, otherwise known as swing cranes or a Swing JIB, are one of the most simple and common types of crane used. They are widely used amongst industrial premises and are a very important piece of equipment due to their versatility and cost effectiveness, as well as the fact that they increase safety in workplaces and reduce the risk of injury.

How Do Jib Cranes Operate?

The simple structure of a swing JIB has three main components: arm / boom / jib, trolleys and the lifting device. Floor mounted jib cranes also feature a vertical column to support the arm. Typical lifting devices include electric chain hoists, pneumatic chain hoists, manual chain hoists or bespoke lifting systems.
The arm, boom (or JIB as it is sometimes called) provides horizontal movement of the trolley, which supports the lifting device and the weight which is being lifted. The jib arm rotates to about an axis to give radial movement. This rotation can be limited using adjustable stops, but the standard slew angle is 270 – 300 degrees. The arms can be manufactured using standard H beam section or profile tracking depending on the customer requirements. Lightweight aluminium jib cranes are also available for light duty applications such as assembly processes.
The trolley slides horizontally across the boom and is connected to the lifting device, usually an electric chain hoist. This enables you to easily move the lifting device along the beam to complete the lifting operation.

Depending on the application and the customer requirement, there are many different types of jib crane available:
– Floor Mounted Swing Jib
– Free Standing Jib Arm
– Wall Mounted Swing Jib
– Overhead / ceiling Mounted Jib Crane

All of the above swing jibs are available in several configurations to suit the customer application and area layout. Styles of Jib Crane:
– Over-Braced Jib Crane
– Under-Braced Jib Crane
– Articulated Jib Crane
– Lightweight Profile Jib Crane
– Aluminium Jib Crane
– Continuous 360 Degree Rotate Jib Crane
– All configurations of jib crane are available with manual or powered slew


Need a Jib Crane? Discuss your requirements with our expert team!

Benefits of Using a JIB Crane

There are many advantages to opting for a Swing JIB, including:
• They make lifting loads easier. Jib cranes are extremely versatile, functional and easy to operate.
• They are inexpensive to buy and maintain. Jib cranes are extremely reliable meaning there is a reduced chance of problems occurring and they will stay effective, efficient and safe for many years after purchasing. This means that purchasing a jib crane provides you with good value for money as a long-term investment.
• They are easy to install. Our highly trained Commissioning Engineers will ensure your jib crane is installed to exacting standards and complete all load tests and LOLER examinations before first use.


What Type of Swing Jib Crane Do I need??

When choosing capable lifting equipment, there are many different types of swing jibs to choose from. The size and style of the jib crane depends on the customer needs and the layout of their site. Selecting the correct swing jib is usually a simple process, but if you need help to determine the correct system for your application, our engineers are available for site surveys and measure-ups. Contact us to arrange your site visit today.

When deciding which jib crane is best for your application, the first decision is where to mount it. There are floor mounted jib arms, ceiling mounted jib cranes, wall jib crane and even portable jib cranes to choose from. For the more demanding applications bespoke jib cranes can be designed and built to suit specific requirements. It’s important to consider your factory layout to ensure the system reaches all required areas and is ergonomic in operation. Here are some of the most common mounting options, although we can also offer a completely bespoke design service for the most challenging applications:

Floor Mounted Jib Crane
Floor Mounted Jib Crane

Floor mounted jib cranes are usually supplied with floor mounting plates which are secured to the floor using chemical anchors. Alternatively, foundations frames can be provided for casting directly into the floor.

Standard capacities available: 125kg – 10t

Radius / arm reach: 1m – 8m

Wall mounted Jib Crane
Wall mounted Jib Crane

Wall mounted jibs are usually bolted onto an existing building column or can be designed to mount on a wall using a spreader plate. When connecting to existing structures, it is important to check the loadings imposed prior to installation.

Capacities available: 125kg – 2t

Radius / arm reach: 1m – 8m

Portable Jib Cranes
Portable Jib Crane in yellow in factory

Portable swing jib cranes are ideal for moving around factories. They can be used on various production lines or for maintenance. They can be provided with levelling feet and indicators.

Standard capacities available: 125kg – 1t

Radius / arm reach: 1m – 4m

Ceiling Mounted / Overhead Jib Crane
Ceiling Mounted Overhead Jib Crane

Overhead mounted swing jib crane are suspended from a suitable structure. The advantage over a floor mounted jib is that the floor space is kept clear as there is no central column.

Lifting capacities: 125kg – 2t

Radius / reach: 1m – 8m

Next, you need to decide on the best style of jib crane. It is important to consider any restrictions in the area, such as a low ceiling height, as this will be a determining factor. Each style of swing jib crane have their own unique benefits and lend themselves to particular applications. If you need held deciding which is best for your application, give our friendly sales team a call today.


Need a Jib Crane? Discuss your requirements with our expert team!

Over-braced Profile Jib Crane
Over-braced Profile Jib Crane

Over-braced profile swing jib cranes are the ideal solution to most lifting problems. The over-braced profile track provides a lightweight construction, which gives improved ergonomics when slewing the boom arm.

Standard lifting capacity: 125kg – 1t

Radius / reach: 1m – 7m

Aluminium Jib Crane
Aluminium Jib Crane

Aluminium jib cranes are the perfect solution to workstation cranes. They offer the operator the optimum ergonomics when used frequently for assembly operations. They are mainly suited to lighter loads up to 1t.

Standard capacities available: 125kg – 1t

Radius / reach: 1m – 6m

Over-braced Swing Jib Crane
Over-braced Swing Jib Crane

Over-braced swing jib cranes are a cost-effective solution to most lifting operations. The over-braced beam means a lighter beam can be used, which gives improved ergonomics when slewing the arm.

Standard capacities available: 125kg – 3.2t

Radius / reach: 1m – 7m

Under-braced Swing Jib Crane
under-braced swing jib crane

Although heavier in construction compared with the over-braced version, the under-braced jib arm provides a greater lift height in areas with restricted headroom.

Standard capacities available: 125kg – 3.2t

Radius / arm reach: 1m – 7m

Articulated Jib Crane
Articulated Jib Crane

A knuckle crane or articulated arm is great for reaching around obstacles / corners and are ideal for confined spaces. They are also easy to move and can be supplied with 360 degree continuous rotation.

Standard capacities available: 125kg – 1t

Radius / arm reach: 1m – 7m

360-degree Slew Jib Crane
360 degree Slew Jib Crane

360 degree jib cranes can be supplied with either powered or manual slew. This type of pillar jib cranes are usually provided with a wire rope or chain hoist with powdered or manual travel. They can also be configured for indoor and outdoor use.

Standard capacities available: 1t – 10t

Radius / arm reach: 2m – 10.5m

Outdoor Jib Crane
Outdoor Jib Crane

Swing jibs are not just limited to indoor use. With the right protection they can be used outdoors too. Weather covers, tropicalised motors and stainless-steel shafts & bearings make outdoor lifting a breeze. Full stainless steel options or marine grade painting options are also available.

Standard safe working load: 125kg – 10t

Radius / reach: 2m – 10.5m

Travelling Jib Crane
Travelling Jib Crane

For light to moderate loads, a travelling jib crane can be used as an alternative to an overhead crane. A traveling jib crane can run on overhead rails, or tracks mounted to a wall. Both options provide flexibility as the jib arm can be moved and folded out the way. The flexibility of this jib crane makes it ideal for restricted layouts and hard to reach areas.

Standard capacities up to 2t

Radius / reach up to 7m

Food Grade / Stainless Steel Pillar Jibs
Food Grade / Stainless Steel Pillar Jibs

Food grade jib arms are usually made using 316 stainless steel so they can be washed down without rusting. These stainless steel jib cranes can be supplied with chain hoists, vacuum tube lifters or food grade belt hoists.

Standard capacities: 125kg – 2t

Radius / reach: 1m – 8m

Power Slew Jib Crane
Power Slew Jib Crane

Powdered slewing jib cranes are often used for loads 2t and above or for large radius applications. They can often be more cost effective than an overhead crane and remove the need for large steel structures. Powered jib cranes can be supplied as over-braced, under-braced and 360 degree rotate versions.

Standard capacities: 500kg – 10t

Radius / reach: 1m – 10.5m

Water Treatment Jib Cranes
Water Treatment Jib Cranes

These specialist jib cranes are usually referred to as galvanised jib arms. They are usually supplied for harsh outdoor environments serving the water treatment industry. The are often supplied with a manual chain block or an electric chain hoist for general lifting tasks.

Standard safe working loads: 125kg – 3t

Radius / arm dimensions: 1m – 8m

Telescopic Jib Crane Systems
telescopic jib crane systems

Telescopic jib cranes are often supplied on transportable base plates so they can be easily moved around factories. The telescopic column is lowered to fit through doorways, and then lifted hydraulically into the operating position. They can be supplied with an electric chain hoist or a pneumatic chain hoist.

Standard capacities: 50kg – 500kg

Radius / arm length: 1m – 4m


Need a Jib Crane? Discuss your requirements with our expert team!

If you would prefer one of our experienced engineers to recommend the best swing jib crane, contact us with the answers to the following questions:

–       What is the maximum weight you want to lift?

–       What headroom is available (consider any obstructions, such as an overhead crane)?

–       How high do you need to hook to go (consider any lifting accessories)?

–       From the mounting point, how far do you need to reach?

–       Floor mounted jib crane or wall mounted jib?

–       If floor mounted, how much concrete do you have, and what grade is it?

–       Would you like to include an electric hoist?

–       If so, would you like manual or powered travel along the arm?

–       Would you like to push / pull the arm, or have it powered slew?


What Specification Options Are Available?

All swing jib cranes can be supplied with various specifications – our specialist sales engineers are ready to assist you. We can offer special specifications such as:

–       ATEX rated jib cranes

–       Tropicalised motors / brakes

–       Stainless steel for food grade / chemical industries

All jib cranes can be fitted with the following options:

–       Manual chain blocks

–       Powered chain hoists

–       Wire rope hoists

–       Pneumatic hoists

–       Power and manual travel

–       Slew stops and limits

–       End of travel limits

–       Special paint colours

–       Fully installed and tested


What Brands of Jib Arms are Available?

If you already have a jib crane installed in your factory and want them to match, we can supply standard jib cranes from most manufactures – we are specialists in the likes of DEMAG KBK jib cranes and Donati jib arms. As UK manufactures Yaplex also manufacture our own range of jib arms in our UK factory and keep donati jib cranes in stock. With our own jib crane manufacturing cell, all machining, fabrication and powder coating is all done in house.  All Yaplex manufactured product is made to the highest standard following our ISO 9001 QMS. We sell or range of jib arms to both the trade and direct to end users.


Need a Jib Crane? Discuss your requirements with our expert team!

What Can a Pillar Jib Crane be Used for?

Swing jibs can be used for almost any lifting application. They are most frequently used for machine loading or in any manufacturing / assembly environment. They provide a cost-effective lifting solution which can be used for multiple lifting operations. Most jib arms are used with standard lifting accessories (slings, eye bolts etc), but sometimes a purpose-built bespoke lifting attachment is better suited to the job – Yaplex are specialists in bespoke design and can provide vacuum attachments, lifting magnets or bespoke clamps to suit any application / component. An alternative solution to a jib crane would be the use of overhead cranes.


Do Jib Cranes Require any Maintenance?

After initial installation and just like all other lifting equipment, a jib crane will require a statutory LOLER examination every 12 months. We also recommend a service to ensure the jib arm and hoist are running at their optimum. Yaplex employ a team of service engineers covering the whole of the UK providing both LOLER examinations and servicing. This isn’t just limited to the equipment we supply; we can complete service and LOLER examinations on existing equipment too.


Want to Find Out More?

If you think a JIB crane could benefit your business, speak to one of our friendly team on 01246 860114 for more information on our cranes and how they could benefit you.

Still unsure whether a JIB Crane is the right choice? Read our guide to 6 proven benefits of using a JIB crane for increased productivity.

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