Crane Load Testing

What Is It?

The purpose of crane load testing is to verify the design of the crane structure and to ensure all components function as intended at the Safe Working Load. It works by placing a proof load (usually SWL + 25%) on the crane to verify that all components function correctly. It also checks that all safety devices are working and set up. The entire structure is then examined, and the deflection results are compared with the original design calculations.

This test is hugely important to ensure the safe use of lifting equipment, as it verifies the SWL which must not be exceeded when operating the crane.

This test is in addition to the LOLER inspection and is a requirement for all lifting equipment. A load test is required before first use and after re-location or extensive modification. This gives peace of mind that the lifting capabilities match up to the design criteria.


Why Is Crane Load Testing Important?

Operating a crane without knowing its limitations can be very dangerous and can lead to costly mistakes, not to mention the risk you are putting on those who operate the lifting equipment. When it comes to safety in the workplace, you can’t overlook the process of preparing and maintaining your lifting equipment – including carrying out thorough testing before use.


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Our professional and enthusiastic engineers are all trained to the highest standards, meaning they have the knowledge and experience to test your equipment effectively and ensure safety for operators.

Not only will choosing us at Yaplex Limited ensure that you get thorough crane load testing, but we also guarantee to offer a friendly service throughout and after your testing – should you require extra advice and guidance.


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