Monorail Cranes

Monorail Cranes are commonly used for production processes that require lifting and moving products / loads in a fixed path, such as painting processes, zinc plating operations, moving raw materials to workstations, assembly operations, or area to area transfers. There are only two directions of movement: vertical and horizontal, there are no lateral movements compared with an X-Y crane.

There is no set structure of this crane, as each one is different and custom to your needs, however there are set parts which can be identified in all monorails. There is usually a steel beam which is floor or roof-mounted from column supports, this supports a fixed overhead track which uses trolleys and an electric hoist to lift heavy loads from 125kg to 10,000kg (10T).

All Yaplex monorails have great layout flexibility – systems can be provided with curves, slopes, drop sections, multiple tracks, directional switches and several hanger combinations. The lifting device or hangers can be manually pushed or powered along the monorail.

The structure of this crane makes it ideal for manufacturing activities, to transport products through its process of manufacture.


What Can They Be Used For?

As previously mentioned, a Monorail Crane is a go-to piece of equipment in warehouses, manufacturing environments and many different types of industrial buildings. But what specifically can they be used for?

Transportation – The electric hoist on this type of crane makes it ideal for transporting products through each stage of production. It can also be an ideal solution for moving finished products to their next destination.

Storage – When keeping items in storage, it is important that space is optimised as efficiently as possible. A Monorail Crane is great for optimising space as it can be used to move and store products.

Positioning – A crane such as this one is also a great way of holding and securing a product while assembly operations are completed.


What Are the Benefits?

There is no doubt that this type of crane come with a huge variety of benefits, including:

  • They are adaptable, meaning we can personalise the crane to fit within your layout and to suit the application.
  • They can be used in small areas where other types of crane wouldn’t be practical.
  • The use of a crane hoist reduces the risk of injury in the workplace.


Want More Information?

To find out how a monorail crane could benefit your business, get in contact with us at Yaplex Limited on 01246 860114 for a friendly chat with one of our team.

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