Overhead Travelling Cranes

An overhead crane is ideal for any commercial environment where heavy lifting is a requirement, as the usability increases efficiency and safety in both industrial and assembly processes.


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How Does an Overhead Crane Work?

If you are unfamiliar with the different components which make up Overhead Travelling Cranes, this will give you a better understanding of how they work and why they are so effective for industrial lifting purposes.

They work by lifting a load and moving it backwards and forwards as well as side to side, covering a rectangular area of space. The hoist is the component which works as a lifting device, moving the load vertically using a wire rope or chain. The hoist travels side to side across the bridge. The bridge beam is connected to end carriages which travel along longitudinal girders, giving X – Y movements. Depending on the application, these movements can be manually propelled, powered – single speed, powered – two speeds, or frequency invertor controlled for infinitely precise operation and ultimate load control.

Depending on the weight of the load and the duty cycle required, various Safe Working Loads (SWL) can be provided. These are typically: 125kg, 250kg, 500kg, 1T, 2T, 3.2T, 5T, 6.3T and 10T. However, we can supply cranes up to 20T!

There are many different constructions available: top running crane, under-slung crane, single girder crane, double girder crane, goliath crane, semi-goliath crane, powered X-Y gantry, and manual traveling crane. All of which can be supplied freestanding (floor mounted) or integrated into existing steelwork. Bespoke solutions can also be manufactured to meet exact customer requirements.

Depending on the construction, we can provide steelwork to suit any length (longitudinal beams) and any span (bridge beam).


What Are They Used For?

Overhead cranes are useful for a number of different tasks, including moving products through stages of production, complex assembly processes, transporting heavy loads to and from storage, and machine loading / unloading.

The simplicity and cost effectiveness of an Overhead Crane makes it a great choice for lifting, lowering and moving items horizontally throughout the workplace.


Why Choose Overhead Crane?

Benefits of choosing an Overhead Crane include:

  • They are customisable meaning they can be adapted to the needs of your industry or application. Various styles of cranes can be bespoke designed to suit any size requirements.
  • They increase health and safety in the workplace as heavy lifting is being done by machines rather than people, decreasing the risk of injury. All cranes supplied by Yaplex meet PUWER and LOLER regulations and are supplied with all relevant documentation. Including: CE declaration of conformity, load test report and LOLER report of examination.
  • The fact that loads are being transported overhead reduces the risk of obstacles getting in the way and therefore offers more direct paths. In turn this reduces the number of products damaged during transportation and improves efficiency.
  • They are very adaptable as various lifting accessories can be supplied to suit the task in hand.
  • They give a more efficient use of space and a safer working environment when compared with using fork lift trucks.

Need an Overhead Travelling Crane? Discuss your requirements with our expert team!

What Industries Do They Suit?

Overhead Travelling Cranes are versatile in that they suit a wide range of industries which require heavy lifting. Just a few of the industries where these cranes are useful include Warehousing/Distribution, Automotive, Aerospace, Commercial Printing, Manufacturing and Steelworks.


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