Vacuum Lifting Attachments

What Are They?

A vacuum lifter is a device which can be used to transport non-porous or semi-porous materials within a set area and are therefore ideal for environments such as warehouses, manufacturing industries and construction sites.

They are used to lift materials such as glass, wood, metal sheets, composite sheets and concrete slabs. These attachments fit onto cranes and fork lifts, allowing you to move items through the production process / construction site safety and effectively while reducing product damage.


Benefits of a Vacuum Lifter

There are many benefits of using a vacuum lifting device on your crane, including:

  • They can lift heavy loads of up to 10,000kg depending on the lifter you opt for. This is important as it can reduce the risk of injury including back problems and repetitive strain injury from carrying heavy weights.
  • Vacuum lifters can be supplied to lift flat or curved products and can be designed to accommodate various sizes.
  • Vacuum lifting devices can be designed to handle products in both vertical and horizontal orientations and attachments can be supplied with manual / powered tilting and rotation operations.
  • The attachments suit various energy sources, including the option of being supplied with on board batteries and charger, and the option of 110v, 240v or 415v, electric supply. Venturi vacuum systems which run using compressed air are also available. This makes a vacuum lifting device ideal for production processes where there are specific energy requirements. Battery operated units are best suited to the construction industry for installing glass / steel / composite sheets – no separate energy supply is required, and multiple batteries can be provided.
  • All vacuum lifters feature easy to use ergonomic controls which make it easy to operate the machinery – these can be built in, pendant or remote controls.
  • Vacuum lifters offer increased safety as they feature failsafe operation, dual circuitry, and a warning device for low vacuum and battery levels. This prevents the load from falling if part of the circuit fails and allows the operator to monitor vacuum levels.


Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for a vacuum lifting attachment for a construction site or industrial environment where materials need to be lifted efficiently and safely, we have the solution for you. All Yaplex vacuum attachments are backed by our excellent comprehensive warranty and outstanding customer service. We also offer expert operator support and training to suit the needs of the customer. We provide onsite assistance to identify the correct type of vacuum lifting equipment and provide fully detailed proposals, so you can be sure the equipment suits your exact application.


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