Scissor Lift Tables – “Boost”

A lift table is a useful piece of equipment for lifting loads, with a simple ‘scissor’ like support mechanism which creates a strong support for heavy products (and sometimes even people). Depending on which type of table you opt for, Scissor Lift Tables can reach up to 7m (as standard), making them ideal for industrial warehouses and factories. We have a standard range of both fixed lift tables and scissor lift trolleys. Bespoke scissor lift tables can also be designed to suit the most demanding applications. Our UK design and manufacturing team design all Yaplex scissor lifts to EN1570 which ensures operational efficiency and operator safety.

• They can be customised to ensure that they suit your working environment, such as different base and platform dimensions, multiple weight capacities, and various lift heights.
• They are configurable with wheels, rollers, turntables or tilting platforms and can even be designed to be installed in a pit.
• Operator safety is ensured by features such as: top & bottom limit switches, bellows skirts, toe sensors and anti-burst valves.
• Fixed and mobile scissor tables are available as standard. Mobile scissor tables allow goods to be easily moved around your production facility.
• Allow operators work at an ergonomic height which they wouldn’t be able to without the lift table.
• Reduces the risk of injury, such as back strain, that can come from lifting, reaching or stooping.

Scissor Lift Tables are widely used in facilities where safety is of upmost importance, such as aerospace, automotive, engineering, warehousing, manufacturing and distribution. They are the ideal equipment for moving, lifting, and offloading in such industries.
Do you operate in an industrial environment and are looking for an effective handling solution? To find out more about our range of lifting equipment, give us a call on 01246 860114 to speak to one of our friendly team.


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