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An ergonomic lifting trolley is a useful piece of material handling equipment for lifting loads that need to be transported around a factory, warehouse or stores. They work using a wheeled transportable base and an electric lifting mast to offer a simple and adaptable lifting solution. Depending on which type of lifting trolley you opt for, they can be used to lift and transport loads weighing up to 300kg. We have a standard range of both counterbalanced lifting trolleys and fixed arm lifting trolleys, which can both be customised to suit any application. Bespoke material handling trolleys can be designed and manufactured for when a standard solution isn’t suitable.


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• They can be customised to ensure that they suit your working environment, such as different base and lifting mast dimensions, multiple weight capacities, and various lift heights are also available.
• Standard lifting forks, hooks or platforms can be provided as standard solutions.
• Custom designed attachments can be supplied for lifting boxes, drums, reels etc.
• They are configurable with different types of wheels, brakes, overload protection, fast charge etc.
• Operator safety is ensured by features such as: top & bottom limit switches, and overload protection.
• Fixed arm and counterbalance versions available as standard.
• Allows a single operator to lift loads greater than 25kg in a safe and ergonomic manor.
• Reduces the risk of injury, such as back strain, that can come from lifting, reaching or stooping.
Lifting trolleys are widely used in facilities where safety is of upmost importance, such as aerospace, automotive, engineering, warehousing, manufacturing and distribution. They are the ideal equipment for moving and lifting items ergonomically in such industries.


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