Industrial Manipulator – “Vertical Balancer”

Our Vertical Balancer is a revolutionary Industrial Manipulator for use with offset or acentric loads. It can be supplied column mounted on a jib arm, an articulated arm, or overhead mounted onto a X-Y tracking system. It is ideal for situations where goods or products are too heavy to manoeuvre by hand, and where a crane would be too slow, or not precise enough. Because of the rigid lifting mast, it allows loads to be offset by as much as 1000mm. This makes it a perfect handling system for all assembly processes, machine loading, press loading and oven loading. This industrial manipulator is easy to use and improves ergonomics, along with workplace health and safety.


• Enables you to lift much heavier weights than you would be able to manually. Various standard systems are available to lift and manipulate loads up to 2000kg.
• Reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSI), and musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), improving both health and safety in the workplace.
• Allows you to access areas which are hard to get to – such as reaching into machines.
• Saves time and improves productivity compared with manual handling, as you can move more weight in one operation or use one operator instead of two.
All end effectors / tooling can be designed to suit the customers exact requirements and are designed to suit the application. Depending on the component to be lifted, our expert team can design bespoke pneumatic clamping systems, magnets, vacuum attachments and mechanical grippers.


Need an Industrial Manipulator? Discuss your requirements with our expert team!

Here at Yaplex Limited, we offer industrial manipulators in both pneumatic and electronic designs – meaning you can opt for a machine that fits with your available supply. Both styles of manipulator have their own benefits, such as ATEX ratings and speed. The exact needs of the operation are assessed during our initial site survey to determine the best system for your application.

If you are looking for an effective handling system for your business, one of our friendly team will be able to provide you with more information and advice. Give us a call on 01246 860114.


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