Pick and Place Systems

A high-speed Pick and Place industrial robot is the perfect tool for increasing productivity and efficiency. They can be supplied in various styles and custom features, including different sizes (depending on their use) and various control options. We can design and manufacture pick-and-place systems to run on an X-Y gantry or provide total turnkey robotic cells for complex assembly/packaging tasks.

• The robot’s speed vastly exceeds any worker’s capability.
• It is a cost-saving solution to employing a huge number of staff members.
• The accuracy of the machine ensures the quality and consistency of each product assembled.
• Can be customised to your preference, meaning we can create Pick and Place Systems which match your requirements exactly.
• Can be integrated to work with other production equipment.


Need a Pick and Place System? Discuss your requirements with our expert team!

All end effectors/tooling can be designed to suit the customer’s exact requirements and are designed to suit the application. Our expert team can design bespoke pneumatic clamping systems, magnets and vacuum attachments depending on the operation.
For industries such as automotive assembly, food processing, packaging and manufacturing, systems such as Pick and Place Systems are essential for increasing productivity and offer a high return on investment (ROI). The system’s speed and accuracy are impossible to achieve from workers alone, so it is essential to have a healthy balance of manpower and robots within any working environment.
If you think you could benefit from a high-speed industrial robot, speak to one of our team about your options and which would suit your needs. Give us a call on 01246 860114 for reliable advice and guidance.


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