Electronic Manipulator – The Solution

This type of lift assist is operated by an electronic controlled servo-drive and motor. The ultra-sensitive handle with customisable parameters makes it a truly advanced handling system. It can be integrated into the end effector / tooling and has configurable inputs and outputs to integrate with other production equipment. The Solution electric balancer provides zero gravity lifting and automatically senses the weight of the load and adjusts the balance accordingly (float mode). This feature provides intuitive operation and optimum ergonomics for its users. Built-in parameters and patented safety devices are used to make this system completely failsafe. This ensures all workplace health and safety requirements are met and improves ergonomics for the operator.

• Allows for lifting of heavy goods. Multiple standard variants are available: 50kg, 80kg, 130kg, 200kg, 300kg and 600kg SWL.
• Improved cycle time – The Solution is the fastest lifting device on the market. It offers speeds up to 2 meters per second when required.
• Reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSI), and musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), improving both health and safety in the workplace.
• The use of an electric balancer eliminates the need to adjust any settings when lifting various weights.
• Increases productivity and ergonomics in the workplace.
• Allows for total precision when placing loads down, reducing the need for correctional up / down movements.

If you are looking for a solution to your handling needs, our ‘The Solution’ electronic manipulator is ideal for a range of industries – including, automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, food, electronics, mechanical, and any warehouse environment.
Not sure if an electronic manipulator is right for your application? Speak to one of our professional team about your options, and we will give you honest and trusted advice about which handing system is best for your needs. Give us a call on 01246 860 114 to get started in improving health and safety for your business.




BM Arm

The Solution BM arm is designed for applications where you cannot lift directly above the load or for lifting eccentric / offset loads. It is especially useful for reaching into racks / machines where a wire rope / chain system could not be used. Its compact height of 2.1m means it can be used in areas with restricted headroom and achieve a stroke of 1.2m. As an option, we can supply the BM arm with a stoke up to 2m.  There are two versions of SWL 50kg and 100kg. All arms feature a 2m radius. Various options are available including pneumatic brakes on all arm axis.




Working AreaIntegrated Sensitive HandleTransportable Base





The Solution ELS is a rail mounted handling system for covering large working areas. We can supply onto existing tracking or supply a complete new system with associated steelwork. We can supply various types of rail systems including steel profile and lightweight aluminium profile. Rail systems and steelwork can be designed and manufactured to suit your factory layout and can be supplied to almost any size requirements. Rail systems can also be equipped with multiple bridge rails when several handling systems need to cover the same area.




roof mounted Floor Mounted




The Solution R2A is an ultra-ergonomic aluminium arm with multiple articulations to make movements as fluid and as free as possible. The double central joint provides an unrestricted working area, unlike competitor systems which have a dead area around the column.




Overhead Fixed Position


Column Mounted


Transportable Base


Travelling Arm


Truck Mounted


Existing Column




Available Radius


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