Discover Our “Ducto” Vacuum Tube Lifter to Get Things Shifted.

Whether your business has a warehouse, stores or factory, you are no doubt under ever-increasing pressure to deliver your products to market quicker and slicker than ever before. From crates and boxes to cartons and sacks, heavy lifting can put extreme pressure on your workforce and productivity levels where manual lifting and shifting processes are used. So why not look to ‘vacuum lifting equipment’ as a solution, with our “Ducto” vacuum tube lifter?

How Does Vacuum Lifting Work?

Simply put, our vacuum tube lifter, the “Ducto” does exactly what it says on the tin. It uses suction through a reinforced tube structure, with suction pads at the foot of the lifting tube to grab and lift the cargo. Vacuum pressure is used for both gripping and lifting the product. Using the simple throttle type operating control handles, the lifting speed can easily be regulated, delivering the perfect lifting solution every time.

In addition to the ease of use and speed adjustment, the vacuum lifter is supported from a jib arm or an X-Y tracking system, depending on the application. Either option provides ergonomic lateral movements. All possible safety aspects have been implemented within the machine, so this is a winner all round.

The design of our vacuum tube lifter provides flexibility and versatility, meaning you can easily and smoothly move your load to its end destination.

Benefits for Your Workforce

We are all aware that health and safety within the workplace is of prime importance, with increasing focus on reduced stress and personal injury. So, as with all our products, we not only provide the highest safety standards, but also the most reliable and appropriate solution for your bespoke requirements.

Our vacuum tube lifter can introduce a simplified workflow, yet one which will provide more precision and reliability than with any manual lifting process. The effortless controls reduce risk of repetitive strain injury or needless back or muscle stress, as the equipment requires no unnatural straining movements. In fact, whether left or right-handed, the “Ducto” can be operated with just one hand!

Also, as with any ergonomic process, the intuitive controls are set to ensure specific, precise movements. This means fewer errors and, therefore, reduced damage to the cargo being moved.
Our vacuum tube lifter provides you with the assurance that with even just one operator at the controls, loads of up to 300kg can be lifted in one smooth movement from pallets to conveyors.

Is it Worth the Investment?

You may be surprised to learn that vacuum tube lifting equipment requires only a low level of initial capital investment compared to other handling equipment. Its compact design also means that little space is required to house the complete structure, but this doesn’t in any way detract from its huge advantages.

And, with simple controls and operating instructions, your workforce can operate the vacuum lifting equipment with little or no experience, saving you many man hours of down time through the initial training process.

Increased productivity levels alone will evidence the benefits. One operator can maintain a constant and consistent level of output throughout a shift, with relative ease. But don’t take our word for it, find out for yourself.

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So, if you operate an industrial environment – factory, warehouse, stores or anywhere in which heavy lifting or a constant repetitive movement of items is required – our vacuum lifting equipment is worth considering. Contact us on 01246 860114 to discuss the productivity benefits our equipment can give your business.

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