Vacuum Lifting Tube – “Ducto”

For environments where heavy loads need to be lifted, often a production process, a Vacuum Lifter can really help to increase productivity. As the name suggests, a Vacuum Tube Lifter uses vacuum suction to lift items from a tube-like structure which is supported from an arm or X-Y tracking system.

• This equipment is easy to use, meaning that operators can use the equipment easily with little training – saving you time and money.
• Require a lower level of capital investment making them more cost effective when compared with other handling systems.
• Reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSI), and musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), improving both health and safety in the workplace.
• Simple operation controls provide intuitive operation.
• Recued risk of damaging products due to the precision single hand control of the Vacuum Lifter.
Increased productivity as the system allows you to move up to 300kg at once using one operator.
• Reduced risk of injury as the use of equipment doesn’t require any unnatural or straining movements.
• The style of the Vacuum Tube Lifter makes it extremely flexible and versatile – allowing you to move loads freely to your desired destination.


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If you operate in an industrial environment, whether it be a factory, warehouse or any industry where lifting is required, you should consider how the use of handling equipment could help you to increase productivity. Get in contact with us on 01246 860114 for more information on our Vacuum Lifter products and how they could benefit you.


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